Let’s talk labour law

Labour law is one of those fields that affect most of us. Anyone who turns to the regulations to find a specific answer to a nagging question knows that the issues in this field only seem simple and obvious on the surface.

Under Polish law in this area, all too often the approaches applied in practice are derived from rulings by the Supreme Court or interpretations by the National Labour Inspectorate or the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Sometimes their opinions differ, or even conflict with one another, which provokes discussion and a search for the right solution in the specific case.

We decided to create the “Code at Work” site because we would like to share our observations and experience with readers, and also respond on a current basis to all events significant for the practice of labour law. We will comment on existing and new regulations and discuss the case law and interpretations surrounding debatable provisions. We would also like to draw attention to issues that are somewhat overlooked but important in the employment process.

Our site is targeted chiefly to employers and individuals responsible for complying with labour law regulations in day-to-day practice. But we hope that its universal content will prove useful for anyone interested in the broad area of labour law.

So, ”Let’s talk labour law.

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We discuss the current labour law, legal judgments and interpretations issued
by the National Labor Inspectorate and the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.


We follow and comment on legislation and refer to the current problems
in the field of Polish labour law.

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