Before sending the employee to work abroad it is worth checking, which form suits his duties best: business trip or secondment?

Performing work outside the place of work defined in the employment contract, either as a business trip or as a secondment or, in case of multinational capital groups, as an assignment, is a standard element of running business by a number of companies.  Because of rather incomplete statutory regulation of the rules applicable to sending employees to work abroad, we observe quite flexible modelling by the employers of the nature of such travels on one hand, and a noticeable confusion in applying the existing provisions of law on the other.  Decision on sending the employee to work abroad should be preceded by analysing the length of the stay, nature and place of performance of the work, as well as the relation between the employer and the employee during such period. These criteria are important for assessment, among others, whether the existing employment contract requires amending, whether the employee qualifies for receiving per diems and whether and where the employee is covered by the social insurance system.

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